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I can remember the day I sat on my grandmothers steps waiting on my father to come and the look on her face when she yet again had to deliver the bad news. The words that came out of her mouth would change my life forever.


I can remember the moment I was 17 years old, sitting on a cold cushioned table with a thin white sheet of paper underneath me. The words that came out of the nurses mouth would change my life forever.


I remember the day I experienced my very first crushing heartbreak, confused as to why someone I thought I loved would tell me that he no longer loved me. The words that came out of his mouth would change my life forever.


I remember the moment I was called into the office of a job I thought God designed just for me, to be fired for a reason that’s still not clear to this very day. The words that came out of his mouth would change my life forever.


I can continue this, “I remember when” mantra using loose leaf paper, covering the front and back, sitting on the floor of a neighborhood Wal-Mart and would need them to order more because I used it all–and I’m almost certain that you could too.  My stories started in 1980, all molding and creating the woman I am today. I realized years ago that my stories were my foundation. they are what I rely on when I ask myself, “Who Am I?” They are what I learn and grow from throughout the seasons of my life. They are my strength.


HerStory was founded because I believe that a woman’s story is what makes her unique. HerStory is what’s directly attached to our purpose. HerStory is how we relate to this world and the people around us. HerStory is a community that empowers you to share your story, embrace your purpose, and create a platform to live your best life.  What is your story? What is your purpose? Are you living your best life?


I believe that redefining the power of the tongue is when you allow the power of your story to help determine the path of your journey.  I believe our words make an impression of hope, strength, and courage that empowers and transforms the lives of women around us. Join our community! Let’s Live Out Loud!


Tamekia Bynum-Lesure



Founder & Editorial Director

HerStory is a community dedicated to providing a platform that empowers women to share their stories, identify their purpose, and create the journey to live their best life.

Our network of fearless women believes in redefining the power of the tongue. We understand that for women like you to become the best version of yourself, it takes next level resources that complements your life no matter what stage you are in. HerStory helps you to see your past and your future in a whole new light.

Whether you are a professional career woman, an entrepreneur, a single mother, newly married, recently divorced or widowed–you’ll find that HerStory is what your soul’s been missing. Being connected with a community of women who’ve been where you are, or where you’re trying to go will enlighten your path and enhance the journey you are on right now. Let’s educate and empower ourselves and the women around us!

Having the courage to be exactly who God created you to be is just one story. I’m sure you have many more, and I’d love to hear them. We’ve always got new and exciting resources that proves to meet the needs of women on every level. So check back regularly–or make it easy on yourself by first subscribing to our magazine, and then take the leap to join our community. HerStory is where women will see themselves. Become a HerStorian!


Let’s Get Connected


Tamekia Bynum-Lesure

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