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A Mother’s Love

I could ask 100 women to define a Mother’s love and I would probably get 100 different answers because each response would be based on the different experiences of the women answering the question. Our experiences help form our thoughts and force the feelings we trust in every area of our lives. Mother’s are all different. We all grew up thinking how blessed we were to have the mother we did or envious of the relationship between a friend or family member and their mother. We never fully understand the importance of a Mother’s love until we fully recognize what it is that we really need. I never knew how important it was for my mother to tell me how proud of me she was or how much she loved me until I got older and started to feel the void in these areas. The voids then led me to ask the questions, Why am I missing this and who was responsible for giving it to me? Of course this then led me to forming opinions and pointing fingers about what should have been done and who should have done it. Chile, I was perplexed until I started having children of my own! Listen, being somebody’s mother is hard hunni and the numbers of the things you forget to do and say are resounding!! I understand now that my mother is amazing! She did everything she knew how to do to raise us and she gave it all she had. I didn’t recognize all that she had deposited inside of me until I was challenged to give it all I had! I was standing in the kitchen some weeks ago listening to music drinking wine while cutting up onions and bell peppers preparing a meal for my family and I got so overwhelmed with joy and emotion because my mother gave me all of that! The confidence to sing songs out loud without knowing the words, the strength to stand tall on my own two feet, and the courage to know I can do any damn thing I want! Thank you Lord for my Momma! And regardless of the hiccups or mistakes your mother may have made or the pain and heartbreak she may have caused she is your mother! When God told us to honor and obey our parents he didn’t give a list of things they had to do to get it, His instructions were just to do it! If being obedient to God is your only reason to honor your mother let me be the first to tell you, Well Done! I have three children and I am not perfect and guess what you’re not either shuga. Every new day that we are given is a new opportunity to be better. Let’s honor our Mother’s by learning to be even better mothers. Happy Mother’s Day Herstorians! Drop a pic of you and your mommy in the comments below and show her some love!! #HerStory #IloveDoris #HappyMothersDay

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