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HerStory Revealed w/Mavis Creagh

HerStoryMag: Where were you born and raised?

Mavis: Hattiesburg, MS

HerStory: Do you have siblings? If so, how many?

Mavis: Three Siblings, Last of Four Girls

HerStoryMag: What do you remember the most about your childhood?

Mavis: Hard Work, Community, and Making Our Own Fun

HerStoryMag: Who was your childhood hero?

Mavis: My Grandmother, Creola Jordan Creagh, had #HerStory and sacrificed much for her grandchildren and other children in the neighborhood. Mother Creola Creagh

HerStory: What excites you right now?

Mavis: Making Money Moves...But really positively impacting lives and making a change.

HerStory: What book has influenced you the most?

Mavis: My last book project, "The Heart of A Leader:DNA For Effective Leadership". The project consisted of women from Maryland and Mississippi with a forward from a tenured educator from Texas. It provided leadership through the lenses of ministry, education, cooperate, non-profit, and the medical field. It has nuggets, wisdom, and tools that can apply to men or women in various stages of business.

HerStoryMag: If you could do anything you wanted tonight (anywhere, for any amount of money), what would you do and why?

Mavis: I would rest and pour into others. Many people go all the time but are not fully happy and at peace. If I was able to be fully financially established, flourishing, and following my purpose I truly would be happy!

HerStoryMag: If you had the opportunity to meet one person you haven't met, who would it be, why, and what would you talk about?

Mavis: Oprah Winfrey and Tabitha Brown. Both are very influential women but have amazed success on different platforms but very impactful and remained true to themselves.

HerStoryMag: What's the most important thing I should know about you?

Mavis: I am a fighter and trust the "Most High" to bring me out Victorious.

HerStoryMag: What do you value more, intelligence or common sense?

Mavis: I value life and whatever is needed at that moment. You can not have one without the other.

HerStoryMag: What movie is your favorite guilty pleasure, and why?

Mavis: I don't really have a guilty pleasure; but I enjoy thrifting and consignment. Finding items of extreme value for a bargain is what I love to do.

HerStoryMag: You are stuck on a deserted island, and you can only take three things. What would they be?

Mavis: Seeds, My Son, and Soap..I don't want to be

HerStoryMag: When and where were you happiest in your life?

Mavis: I am happy now and grow at it each day. My mantra is "It will turn out how it's supposed to turn out"

HerStoryMag: What do you think is the driving force in your life?

Mavis: Life is my driving force. The uncertainty and finality of it keeps me motivated. Tomorrow is not promised.

HerStoryMag: What is your "WHY"?

Mavis: My son, Jordan and my life. That's all I got in the end.

HerStoryMag: What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

Mavis: I believe it is a part of my purpose to help and assist others develop and grow their businesses. It started during the pandemic and grew from their. In addition to consulting I have an online boutique and women's ministry to empower and encourage other women from all backgrounds.

HerStoryMag: Where did you get the idea for your business/brand/career?

Mavis: It was divine inspiration..and hard situations missed to produce my purpose.

HerStoryMag: What is the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur?

Mavis: Growing and helping others in business while teaching my teenage son about building a dream.

HerStoryMag: What are you an expert on?

Mavis: Writing, business, development, grant management, community development, styling, etc. I believe I have been gifted with many talents but believe in following the direction of the Most High, God, in business and in life!

HerStoryMag:What advice would you give yourself before you started this company?

Mavis: Work at your own pace and it's okay to have to take breaks. Work with what works best for you.

HerStoryMag: When will you feel like your company/brand is successful?

Mavis: I am my brand and build it daily. I was telling someone recently that "You are your biggest asset". Take care of yourself and the business will take care of you.

HerStoryMag: Tell us an "aha moment" you recently had about being a woman, big or small!

Mavis: "I AM Enough"

HerStoryMag: What are your superpowers?

Mavis: I AM SHE...Being a Woman is Hard Work But We Make It Look Easy

HerStoryMag: How much has knowing your purpose attributed to your success?

Mavis: It was a journey filled with trials and hard turns but I truly believe in discernment and following a higher power. This has given me clear vision, purpose, and positioning to move forward daily.

HerStoryMag: Any regrets? What are they?

Mavis: None... You Can Not Change Tomorrow Only Live In Today!

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Jun 14, 2023

Thank you for the opportunity. Wonderful Platform

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