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How To Avoid Being Primed For The Enemy

Are you feeling physically fatigued or personally frustrated? Have you been experiencing painful failures or battling projected fears? If you answered yes to one of these questions, stop what you are doing and jot down these 3 quick tips on..How To Avoid Being Primed For The Enemy.

1. Reject the Foolishness of your critics. Give yourself a day of rest. No phone, no social media, no outside distractions. Remove yourself from hearing anything other than your voice. FYI, sometimes we are our own worst enemy, this process will only work after you have resolved your own negative self-talk and doubt. No matter what happened yesterday, begin to speak encouragement over yourself and prepare to start fresh tomorrow.

2. Remember the Faithfulness of God. Start by pouring your heart out to God. Tell him how afraid you are. Let him know how angry you are with his timing. Don’t be afraid to tell him about all of your worries and concerns. Don’t hold anything back! He can take it! After you have left nothing lingering in your heart unsaid, take a few moments and reminisce over your life. Has God ever let you down? Has he ever lied to you? Remember his track record! Have confidence in the character of God and rekindle your love and trust in him. Then reset your priorities. Ask yourself the hard questions, Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

3. Resolve to Fulfill your assignment. No one can answer your call but you! Realize what’s at stake. Remove all excuses and reject the “I need more time to get myself together” laziness. Complacency is a silent killer, it has a hold of your throat and you are losing consciousness. Start swinging your arms, break free, and fight back! Your life depends on it! Stop being afraid of losing and work with what you’ve got.

Herstorians, if the “enemies” in your life can get you discouraged, they can kill the work. And don’t be so quick to point fingers, the enemy can be you! Don’t self-sabotage. This is also not the time to be a shero, your assignment will never be fulfilled alone. Stop being afraid to lose friendships and reunite with the people who have your back! Redefine the power of your tongue and speak life over yourself! This is what we do! You are HerStory!

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