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How to Keep Moving While Your Haters Are Watching

Hat-er /ha`dar// noun a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing

I googled the word and this is the definition that popped up first. I guess I can agree on the meaning, but I do have my own definition. A hater is anyone who has something negative to say about you but can’t add an ounce of help to your life, even if they tried. Haters usually have low self-esteem and unresolved issues from their past that they refuse to acknowledge. Haters are unfamiliar with hard work and dedication and have no relationship with the words perseverance or patience. They can’t go where they need to go or do what they need to do because they are too busy following you around. Haters are weak and weak-minded, never having the ability to think bigger. Haters are fake and in search of a light that only shines over their parades. Haters can be rich or poor, corporate or blue-collar, well-known or average. There is not an accurate description to identify them physically, but if you just listen closely and pay close attention to their character, it will reveal the deception. Have you noticed how uncomfortable they are when you are celebrating success, but how a sigh of relief comes over them when you are experiencing failures? Even though there is really nothing you can do about them, I have a couple of things that you can do while they are watching.

1. Journal Write down all of the negative and evil conversations and thoughts that are going on in your head. Listen if people really knew the things that I am thinking in my head it would be trouble. Sometimes I allow my thoughts to take over and it snatches away all of my time and focus. My vision becomes blurry and I completely stop moving forward. I’ve learned to sit down with my journal and let it all out. Journaling is powerful! It helps to calm you down and readjust your thinking. It may take several pages to get it all out but after you’re done you will feel restored and nobody will have to get hurt.

2. Journey Remember when you first started this journey? Remind yourself how far you’ve come. Start bragging on yourself, to yourself! Yes, you still may not be where you want to be, but you are damn sure not where you use to be, No one understands what you have sacrificed, only you know this struggle. They don’t see the tears and the long nights tossing and turning in bed, pacing the floor trying to find a way. They don’t know how many times you have wanted to give up and never look back. They don’t see the vision God has given you and the assignments he has ordered you to complete. Forget what others think and celebrate yourself. You are a Boss! You deserve everything good God has given to you and you will not feel bad about it!

3. Just Do It! I know the worst feeling in the world is having someone you think loves and supports you turn out to be your biggest hater. It is one of the biggest discouragements on your journey. But, their hate is not your business, your business is your business and baby girl you got shit to do! Keep moving forward! Pray for genuine help and support. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. Women are waiting on your gift, we need you! Forgive them because hating is a disease. Pray that they are healed. Don’t allow them to make you bitchy, but use it as fuel to make you better. I can’t tell you that it will get easier, but I can tell you it will be worth it. So join me in shaking these haters off, and let’s get back to work.


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