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Sunday Reflections

Hey HerStorians,

We made it! Another week has come and we have been blessed to be amongst the living.

Last week was very bittersweet. I was very thankful to be with my family and enjoy our favorite holiday but my heart was so heavy. Everyone around me was experiencing loss. Whether it was the thought of my best friend trying to enjoy her first Thanksgiving without a parent, or waking up to the news that my classmate had taken his last breath was just some of the things that forced me to put everything going on in my life into perspective.

Death is inevitable and we all will have to endure it. It’s going to happen whether you’re ready or not. But while my faith is preparing me for heaven my flesh has me nervous as hell to answer my phone or log into social media. I know I shouldn’t have faith and worry but it is what it is. I don’t think I learned anything new last week but I did revisit some old truths.

IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK Pretending to have it all together is bullshit. You must deal with the things that are going on in your head. Be vulnerable and allow someone in. It does not make you weak to need help.

ACCEPT YOUR REALITY Either you are going to change some shit or you’re not. If you do.. great. If not that’s great too. But stop putting yourself through disappointments that you are creating.

AGE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER Get your business in order. There is no such thing as you have time to get it together. No one knows how much time they have to get it together. If you don’t have life insurance getting it should be the next box on your to-do list. Don’t leave your kids and family stuck. Also, if you don’t have a will you should consider adding it to your list. A will leaves specific instructions for your family to handle your business appropriately. If you have children this is especially important. You don’t have to be rich to have a will. Giving your family their roses while they are alive means having your shit together when you die.

I pray my lessons from last week help you make better decisions in this one. Until we reflect again, may your week be full of lessons, blessings, and favor.

Your Girl, Tamekia Bynum-Lesure

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