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Sunday Reflections

Happy Sunday HerStorians!

This is a day the Lord has made let’s rejoice and be glad in it. This is the beginning of a new week and I’m ready to make it do what it do. Last week seemed to last forever. Each day took longer than the other one to end. However, if you are reading this you made it. I made it and I learned a couple of things along the way.

Time Does Not Mean Expert I take a lot of advice from people because of the length of time they have been involved in a particular situation. Not anymore. If your advice doesn’t match your actions I’m not applying it to my life. Do you need to rethink any advice?

Own Up To My Talents I’m sleeping on me! I’m great at a lot of things and I’ve been fearful of it. My greatest enemy has been this thing between my two ears. Have you been ignoring your talents? Who would like to join me in planning a funeral for our fears?

Be Thankful Thank you. It could be worse. Thank you. I’m alive. Therefore, I have a second chance. Thank you. In spite of it all, Jesus loves me. Thank you. Grace and Mercy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and I’m praying we all make it safe and sound. I pray that your food doesn’t burn and your pies are on point. I pray my lessons from last week help you to make better decisions in this one. Until we reflect again, may your week be full of lessons, blessings, and favors.

Your Girl, Tamekia Bynum-Lesure

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