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Think: to have a particular opinion or idea about someone or something;

Know: to be certain or sure about something; to recognize

Am I good enough? Do I belong here? Do I deserve this? I would flood my brain with questions like this when I was questioning my value and worth in different areas of my life. They never stopped. One question would lead to another and then another and then they would turn into thoughts, thoughts that moved into my head and started a residency. With so much doubt and uncertainty living in my head my confidence did not stand a chance. It became unbearable to make important decisions in my life. I was trying to make it all make sense, but it never did. It never did because instead of doing the hard work, I settled for the complacency of being unsure about who I was. Hell, did anyone really know? Did I really need to know who I was? You are damn right I did, and you do too.

Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better, and when you know better, do better.”

Raise your hand if you are guilty of knowing better, but not doing better. Raise your hand if you are hiding behind what you think because you are afraid to go after what you know. The definition of think clearly states that it is only an opinion. So, let’s talk about what is going on in your life that you are accepting because you are unsure, but you think it is ok. You think you deserve better, but you are not sure. You think you deserve more money, but you are not sure. You think life is getting the best of you, but you are not sure. I mean it is all just what you think, and your opinions are changed by the opinions of others, so you think you are good until someone tells you to think something different.

Does this sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

There is power in knowing versus thinking. The definition alone says to know, is to be certain. Thinking leaves room for questioning, opinions, and constant mind changes. Knowing transforms your mind and beats thinking into submission. Knowing turns a light on in your soul that chases away the darkness of uncertainty. When you discover what you know, it becomes impossible to live like you do not. Answering the question Who Am I, needs a starting point. Knowing begins the journey of discovering who you are and who you are not. Stop saying I don’t know. Yes, you do!

You know what hurts and what feels good. You know if you should stay or if you should go. You know if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You know that you know, and it is time to own it. Knowing produces doing and doing is what makes us afraid and causes us to lose focus. Doing is where our faith meets our fears. Doing is what is going to break the generational curses, depression, insecurity, rejection, and pain in your life. Doing is where you are going to grow, change, and become. Doing is a part of your HerStory!

Let’s make do, do what it do. You can do it sis, I don’t think it, I know it.

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