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Wedding Guest Etiquette 101

Trends and traditions for weddings may come and go, but being a gracious and respectful wedding guest is always in style. When invited to a wedding, the expectation is to do much more than attend, look fly, and party. There's a big responsibility for how to act on the couple's special day and the days before. Weddings are a time of celebration and memory-making; they are also milestones that should be treated with care and respect. Just to let you know, certain etiquette is required, from when you receive the invitation until the end of the reception, that should be adhered to.

Etiquette expert Elisha Barnes Booth, the founder of EB Etiquette, shared with The Herstory Magazine seven Dos and Don'ts for you to remember the next time you receive an invitation to a wedding. 1. Don't Assume You Can Bring A Plus One

Or even two, unless your invite states you can bring an extra person. Your invite will say who can come, and when you RSVP'ing, remember to add the name of your plus one so they can include them when the couple is making sitting, printing, and eating arrangements. 2. Do RSVP On Time

Planning a wedding is stressful, and as a guest, it is only fitting that you make their job easier. So constantly endeavor to respond to their invite on time. This will help them finalize their plans on time and ensure you're adequately catered to when you arrive. 3. Do Stick To Your Response

It doesn't matter if you decide you don't want to go to the wedding alone or you meet someone special. If you already RSVP'ed that you're going, please go alone. Please don't call the couple to change their plans. It'll be too much of an inconvenience, and it might scatter their arrangements. 4. Do Give A Gift

It's only fitting that you give the couple a gift. And no, it doesn't have to be something grand and expensive. It's more important that your gift shows thought and care and reflects your relationship with the couple. While bringing gifts with you to the reception has been common practice for many years, the rise in online shopping and online registries has become a new trend. Having to worry about getting a gift home at the end of the evening is the last thing the bride and groom will have on their minds. 5. Do Arrive Early

Just like you'd go early for work or another significant event, it's vital to go early for the wedding. It's best to be seated before the bride walks down the aisle. Walking in during the ceremony would only distract the guests and couple and probably ruin the pictures being taken. It's also important not to arrive too early because the couple or the hall may not be ready to receive guests, and your presence could throw off the entire process. 6. Don't Post Before The Couple

You certainly took some amazing IG-worthy photos of yourself, the couple, and you with the couple, but wait to post them before they publish their pictures unless they give you the go-ahead to do so. The couple put much effort into their big day, so be respectful if they want to be the first to reveal it to the internet. 7. Don't Wear White

This is certainly common knowledge, but it's certainly worth reiterating. Don't wear white to any wedding unless there is a white dress code. The couple put much effort into their big day, so help them celebrate, but as invited guests, keep it classy by using your good manners to show respect, be gracious, and make those around you comfortable.

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