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What Happens When We Choose To Resist What We Know We Should Do?

Every day we have a choice to decide what is good and right for us. But if you are like me, the mental sacrifice it takes to decide is overwhelming. It has always been easier for me to do what I should not. Even if it does not feed my soul or strengthen my mental health, I forge forward because it does not take effort. It is easy to go along to get along or to know better and not do better... until it is not.

When we choose to resist what we know we should it causes spiritual, mental, and physical internal damage. It is easy to ignore because it is not immediately detectable. Women are built different. We know how to fake it till we make it. We are born with the muscles to get shit done. But what is crazy is the shit usually belongs to someone else. Eventually, we notice the breakdown of our bodies. But let me point this out, for most of us it is not our physical bodies, meaning the parts that the world sees. We are magic. We know how to put on. When we come out, we come out. We are casket sharp on the outside but literally ready to be buried inside.

Choosing to do what we know we should not lead to devastation. What you are choosing is to carry the weight of unfulfillment, envy, stress, depression, shame...the list goes on and on. Now is not the time to have any extra weight. Women are on the brink of taking over the world and your role in this movement is a key factor. We cannot do it without you.

Stop thinking you do not have anything to offer. You have something that makes you essential to this world. You have your HerStory. No one can do what you do. Your HerStory makes you an expert in your field. We need your knowledge.

Today you must choose what you know you should do. Should you leave the relationship? Should you resign from the position? Should you take the diet more seriously? Should you ask for higher pay? Let me make it easier, where is the area in your life where you continue to repeat a cycle that ends with you feeling like crap? That my friend is where you should start. Is it going to be easy? Hell no. Will it change your life in ways you could only imagine? You are damn right.

I do not know about you, but this extra weight must go. God has promised me too much and I refuse to leave anything on the table. I am choosing to know in?

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