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Quitting Can Be an Option

Why in the hell do I insist on pursuing this over and over again? I make two steps forward and what seems to feel like twenty-five steps back. Why are my dreams so hard to come true? Why won’t this longing I have deep inside of me go away? Well, no one ever told me this shit was going to be easy. I’m convinced, that out of all of the womenpreneurs that I have come in contact with that I’m not the only woman working tirelessly to live out her purpose. So, since today is Monday and we all are about to grind this thing out another week, I’ve decided to share with you what could happen if we allow quitting to be one of our options.

1. You agree with what “they” say! Life is what it is. Maybe you deserve to be paid only 80% of what the man in your office is paid for doing the exact same job. You are super emotional at times and you would have to take significant time off to have a baby, so maybe it does make sense that only 8% of females hold the position of chief executive in the U.S. I’m just saying, maybe you are not cut out for entrepreneurship. I mean you are just a woman.

2. You are simply not a self-starter, leader, or decision maker. It’s still cute for you to allow others to take the lead. Of course, you’re the beauty and they are the brains, right? You expect someone else to make the hard decisions so if it fails you don’t bear the weight of the risks or responsibilities. One of these days you will break the cycle of generational poverty and help change the stigmas attached to women, but until then you’re cool doing you. You are just talking the talk, and instead of walking the walk you would rather be the backseat passenger on your besties journey.

3. You bowed down to fear. You are not as strong as everyone else. You prefer to keep the peace and not stir things up. Everyone is afraid of something, and creating a better life for you and your family is where you draw the line. You’re good doing what you have been doing. You may feel passed over, overworked, underpaid, and feel like shit continuing to live your life the way that it is but, they are your feelings and it’s nobody else’s damn business.

Listen, Linda! I’m not being harsh. The simple truth is every time we make the decision to quit, we become the statistic. We become what they say we are. We become the follower. We waste so much time being afraid that the fear begins to leak down into our souls and causes a buildup of doubt and insecurities that paralyzes the way we think and speak. When we start believing the hype, the shit becomes real. Herstorians, don’t believe the hype. We are Women! We Birth Life! God himself stood back after creating this beautiful earth and still decided in all of its splendor that one thing was still missing…YOU! You can’t quit. The women before us have worked too hard, and the women after will deserve a blueprint. I know it’s hard. I know that the very people that said they would have your back won’t even share a status on social media. But, God is faithful. If he has given you a vision, he will do exactly what he said. The blessings that continue to take me to the next level are from people I had never met in my life. I texted a friend on last night and told her I was done, I was going to quit. She texted me back and said, “You can’t, quitting is not an option.”

Is this the case for you? Is quitting one of your options? If so what are the other ones? I challenge you to find a way to take quitting off the table. I pray for you to have fresh eyes and a new perspective as you ponder this decision. You were built for this.

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