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Sunday Reflections

Hey HerStorians!

Today is the beginning of a brand new week. Time is flying by so fast that I can hardly keep up with everything that’s going on. We have one more week before the Thanksgiving break and I am super excited. But before I start this week I wanted to take the time to share some of my most revealing reflections from last week. I usually do this early on Sunday mornings while lying in bed when the house is still quiet. I write about the past week in my journal and reflect on what I’ve learned. Sometimes it’s very eye-opening and sometimes it’s just a repeat of the things I should have learned already. It has become a ritual and a huge blessing to me so I’ve decided to share it with my girls in hopes that it may do the same for you.

Don’t Ignore Your “WTF” Intuition Ask questions. Never assume shit! If something is happening around you and it makes you feel some type of way don’t ignore it. I should have asked.

Do It Anyway Nothing ever works out smoothly for me. God created me specifically to be on the front lines. He always sends me in first. Some weeks I feel fearless and others I feel completely hopeless. Last week I gave up…again. I went to HIM to plead that the only way I can deliver effectively all that HE has purposed me to do is if HE gives me more than I have. I just don’t have the help or the resources. HIS response was to Do It Anyway. I encourage you with no help, no resources, no support and no idea how it will ever happen for you, to do it anyway.

Don’t Make It Your Norm A good friend and I were having a conversation. We were discussing relationships and how women will allow something that bothers them to become an unspoken normal . The same actions are being done but instead of making it a big deal we decide to see it but disregard its implications. Damn, I felt crazy as hell because I am doing this. I had to decide that this shit is not normal and it has to stop. Have you created an unspoken normal in one of your relationships?

I pray my lessons from last week help you to make better decisions in this one. May your week be full of lessons, blessings, and favors. Until we reflect again.

Your Girl, Tamekia Bynum-Lesure

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